Lion Power is an engineering design firm focused on extending current robot platforms to tackle new applications through the integration of sensor arrays.Our robotic software control system enables the robots to see, measure, analyze, and respond to variations in their work environments.

Definition of Engineering:
The term engineering is derived from the Latin word INGENIUM, meaning ‘cleverness’, and INGENIARE, meaning to ‘contrive, or devise’.

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Our goal is to extend robotic platforms by utilizing sensor arrays to “see & feel” their work environments, then develop systems to enable our customers to realize improvements in their daily lives.The team at Lion Power has a wealth of experience across the Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial markets driving innovation in large-scale system design and engineering.


The RoboSwap system is a "hands-free" solution to swap a lithium battery in material handling vehicles.

Battery reload times are ~2 minutes on average while each system can support up to 80 material handling vehicles and is optimized for facilities operating 24/7.

Install multiple RoboSwap systems in strategic locations to support your larger fleet by reducing driver travel time and increasing productivity.

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